Avocado ~ Alternate lighting–Four Tube, 48-Inch, T5 Florescent, 11/15

Alternate Lighting CollageI have T5 Florescent Lighting in addition to the Apollo Red & Blue LED Lighting. I have not used it for plant growth. I have this station for a larger, branched avocado tree and for photography. I am still pleased…

Avocado by day, 11/15

The leaves of the last set are nearly the same size–large.

Avocado ~ New leaves, 11/15

Nine days ago the leaf at the top of the stem fell off, with a new leaf showing. Now, that leaf has grown and other leaves are becoming visible. In spite of the loss, the plant seems to growing as desired. I am content…

Travel ~ 11/12–Flickr most viewed, 11/14

This series of pictures has been viewed more than I expected.

Night photography is fun.