Astronomy ~ Supermoon Lunar Eclipse [A New Leading Picture], 09/29/2015

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Blog ~ Theme–Twenty Fifteen [Mobile], 09/29

This is a iPhone 6 Plus screenshot of my blog using the Twenty Fifteen Theme, modified by Cascading Style Sheets [CSS] and applied to mobile devices. I see essentially the same on my smartphones as I do on my PC. I conclude [again], there must be compelling reasons to adopt the Twenty Sixteen in December. With CSS I am happy with the blog on both.


Seedlings ~ Avocado, 09/29

Two weeks later [above], we have growth and firmer leaves.

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Astronomy ~ Supermoon Lunar Eclipse [The Leading Picture], 09/27/2015


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Astronomy ~ Supermoon Lunar Eclipse [The Slideshow], 09/27/2015

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Astronomy ~ Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, 09/27/2015

Well, I did not capture what I wanted, in terms of the lens I wanted to use. I wanted to shoot with a telephoto lens, but did not have my tripod. I walked 2 miles to the place I took pictures, carrying the equipment I used. Maybe next time–2033. If I capture that supermoon eclipse, I’ll be 87 years old. Anyway, with all the clouds tonight, I managed to grab a few shots during totality.

Taken at the Fayetteville, North Carolina Veterans Administration Hospital.

Event ~ The Arts Council’s 37th Annual International Folk Festival, Fayetteville, North Carolina [The Slideshow], 09/27

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