Dedication ~ Moses Mathis–The Bicycle Man, Trailhead, Cape Fear River Trail

North Carolina Trailhead named to honor “Bicycle Man”

Moses Mathis worked hard for 22 years to put smiles on the faces of Fayetteville, North Carolina, children by providing free bicycles to them at Christmas time.

Over the years, he became known as the “Bicycle Man.” Since he started the program in his Tiffany Pines neighborhood in 1990, Mathis and his team of volunteers refurbished and distributed some 26,000 bicycles.

The Cape Fear River Trail was extended just over a mile and is now 5.5 miles from end-to-end. The new section was dedicated to The Bicycle Man–Moses Mathis. The trail is to be further extended to the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens.

I knew Mr Mathis. This is a fitting tribute to a man who gave so much to children and to this area of North Carolina. His widow [Ann Mathis] continues his work.

Over the last several days I have ridden this leg of the Cape Fear River Trail and parts of older sections of the trail. Hera are a few snaps from the Mathis Trailhead and a link to today’s [06/02] ride.

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