Fitness ~ Cycling, Saturday Morning, 05/30

0530 Bike Ride


It has been awhile…

0530 SplitsGiven that I rode my RANS Citi Crank Forward Bike [Faye] rather than my road bike, there was nothing pushing me to go fast. Faye is a single-speed cycle. Climbing is up to my strength. I use upper-body muscles and leg muscles. I felt that I have been riding all along.

In 2009 I rode this bike from Toronto, Canada to Niagara, Canada, including climbing the escarpment to the top of the falls. That, with one gear. The trail I rode this morning [Fayetteville’s Cape Fear Trail] has 3 challenging hills, even with gearing. I rode one of those this morning. One day, I will likely take on another. I think CF bikes are reasonably good climbers, relatively to the rider’s strength and technique.

0530 Climb

I will be doing more riding soon. Stay tuned…

BTW, I saw 2 deer this morning. One moved into the trees, not out of fright, but what appeared to be normal movement.  The other just stood and watched me ride by. Apparently, they are accustom to seeing humans in their world. I have seen other deer stand and watch also.

I saw 3 deer this morning. Strangely, they did not flee as I walked by. They stood in place. I walked within 5 feet of one. That is unusual. Lots of other walkers, runners, and cyclist caught the early morning air also. Life is good…

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