Photography ~ Turtle Closeups–Backstory, 04/29

Earlier, I shared closeup Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle pics I took with my iPhone 6 Plus. I did not scare them off. They are pictures I thought possible from this aquatic habitat. Here is the backstory.

Artis QuadpodI built a quadpod as a base to hold a Square Jellyfish Micro Ball Head and Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod Mount for Smart Phones. I’ve never heard of a quadpod. I know monopod & tripod. Add to the two Square Jellyfish components, add a Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release and BINGO, turtle closeups.


Quadpod–a 4-legged stand to hold by camera. To place a smartphone near water is RISKY. I do not like holding mine over water, but have done so. My fear is that I’l drop it sooner or later. This approach reduces that risk and places the camera for shoots I would not capture with skittish turtles.

Back to the quadpod: I built it using 1-inch strips of acrylic curved [heated and fit into a template so they are near mirrors of each other]. The curve is to control the height and distance between the legs. They are connected with a 1″ acrylic cube using .375″ EZ-Loc inserts and 5/8″ screws. I also used these cubes to connect the walls and floor of the Acrylic Basking Box. I then drilled a 1/4″ hole for the screw to attach the Square Jellyfish components. This means a holes in the center of each side of the cube–6 total. Four of then are drilled to the depth of the inserts.


I also built a jig to hold the 1″ cubes for drilling holes into them. I used it for the basking box and the quadpod. I shorten on leg of the quadpod so it can rest on a boulder or the side of the pond. There is practically 0% risk of this quadpod toppling over. The base rises about 1″, and the camera 4″ above the water.

The build works for me. I am pleased with the photographs I have captured.

Your comments please.

Jim Artis

[2015 Yellow Bellied Slider Album]

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15 thoughts on “Photography ~ Turtle Closeups–Backstory, 04/29”

  1. Shooting the pictures: I watch IPCam AH#2 for turtle position anr/or number that looks interesting. I can do so at my PC of using my Windows Phone.

    When I see something I like I press the Bluetooth Shutter. I hear the shutter sound. It has not frightened the turtles away.

    The pictures become visible on my camera roll on One Drive.

    I do not have to touch the camera to complete a photoshoot.


  2. Jim, this is an amazing picture of the turtles close up on the rock, and they appear so happy too.. Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~

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        1. I am waiting for a group of 6. So far, 5 is the most on the boulder. I searched for the sixth turtle earlier. I did not find a deceased one or one on the floor. I presume he is not before my eyes when I count, yet he has not basked with the others. Curious…

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          1. Hum… you might want to have a closer look around your house, perhaps he escaped… oh my can’t you just imagine what he’s thinking while slowly moving from room to room.. But, he’s probably just hiding…

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            1. I have.

              To my knowledge, there is no way out. The walls are too steep. They are busy moving about, so counting is a challenge. A boulder grouping of 5 is only good for the camera. When I enter the room, they scatter. I have tried to spot the 6th turtle by camera when the other 5 are grouping. That has not happened yet.

              Spotting all 6 at the same time has been tough.


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              1. Perhaps an intervention is needed among the turtles, to get the loner to take part in the group… Hey play some upbeat music for them, who knows it may just work… wink

                Take care, from Laura

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                1. They arrived to music and have had music several times over the last week. We are trying to bring him out. Food seem to help tonight. I do not know if the shy one takes turns. At this point, they all look the same. –jim

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                  1. Jim, this is so true…they do look the same.. I suppose in time they will take on different characteristics so you’ll be able to tell them apart from the others.. good luck and happy times with your new turtles..


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                    1. I certainly hope so.

                      They are to earn a name. My understanding is the markings are different. I think I see that from photos I have taken. I seldom get close enough to recognize the markings and associate them with a “recognized” pattern. I expect over the next year we will know more.

                      I want them to come when I call and that they allow me to carry them outside for fun, play, and sun rays.

                      I have plans for these fellows.

                      Thanks Laura!!!


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                    2. Jim, I know you’ll be successful with the turtles as you have a set plan for their future. I also feel they will come to you, once they are settled and get to know you better.

                      My two turtles who grew very large, (almost grapefruit size) got to know me pretty quickly and would swim to me for food or treats.. You’ll have many days of fun with your family of turtles…

                      Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~

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