Aquatic Habitat ~ The Turtles–They are HERE–04/23 @ 09:57 am EDT

The title says it all!

[New Flickr Aquatic Habitat Album–no DIY]

Author: jalexartis

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3 thoughts on “Aquatic Habitat ~ The Turtles–They are HERE–04/23 @ 09:57 am EDT”

  1. My communications with the Turtle Source:

    Thanks for such darling turtles. They seem in good spirits and went for the water after about 30 minutes in their basking box. I trust they will go for the dry area and heat when they are ready.

    I have links for you:

    I am a blogger and have publish 26 articles pertaining to the building [DIY] of my aquatic habitat and now the AH [without the DIY]. The turtles are the featured occupants. Find my blog here: Subsequent articles will be without the DIY.

    Given my love of photography, I have lots of photos uploaded to my Flickr account. My DIY Aquatic Habitat Album is here:

    I also have chickens. They once had my WebCams–actually IP Cameras. I have 3 trained on my Aquatic Habitat. They are accessible at my blog and can be watched individually at the following URLs:
    Aquatic Habitat #1:
    Aquatic Habitat #2:
    Aquatic Habitat #3:

    Please share the links I have given. I appreciate your feedback.


    James A Artis [aka jalexartis]

    PS: I am on FB [] & Twitter [] and have a blog FB Page [Cycling Experiences–].

    Thanks again!!!



  2. Jim, oh my goodness this really brings back happy memories for me as a turtle owner.. Enjoy these wonderful little babies.. and your lights glowing red look amazing..

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura…

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