Photography ~ Market House Sunrise, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 01/29

In this series, I have published three Market House Sunrise Articles:  Wednesday~01/28Thursday~01/29, and Friday~01/30.

[More pictures — 01/28 – 01/29 – 01/30]

Author: jalexartis

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4 thoughts on “Photography ~ Market House Sunrise, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 01/29”

  1. Jim, oh my goodness what a beautiful shot with the sun. I love how you captured everyone taking shots of this amazing time of day. What was going on for everyone to gather around?
    Take care and have a most wonderful day ~ happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~

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    1. Mornin’ Laura, The occasion is the sunrise that presents itself through the east arch of the Market House. That happens twice a year +/- one day [This is our Stonehenge–so to speak]. The first time is November 11th [Veterans Day] and January 29th. I captured pictures in 2010 & last Veterans Day and this January. Lots of pics here and on Flickr.

      My objection was to capture pictures of the picture takers, with a hint of the occasion. I do not think I can better what I’ve taken. If I shoot tomorrow, the question is what will be my objective???



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      1. Jim, thanking you kindly for responding back. This is wonderful something this beautiful happens only twice a year, causing this to be a special occasion to be cherished. I loved the way you decided to take your pictures of the others taking pictures. Very interesting to see the concentration on each of their faces. Almost, feels like I was there too. What a beautiful experience for everyone partaking. Thank you for the link to your pictures on Flickr. I will sip my coffee this morning and view the beauty taken from your artist eye and the camera..
        Have a most delightful day 🙂 from Laura ~

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