Event ~ When Pigs Fly – All American BBQ Festival, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 11/15

Ah, the aromas and people lickin’ their fingers…

[more pictures from Festival Park…]

Dining ~ Carrots & Shrimp, with sour cream, served over a bed of rice–Yummy…, 11/14

Two weeks ago, I harvested the remaining carrots from the garden–like the picture on the left. Last night I put them in a dish–very good!

Ingredients: Onion, garlic, bell peppers [red, green, yellow, & orange] carrots [sautéed in butter] , shrimp [cooked in chicken broth], spices [cinnamon, curry powder, turmeric, & bay leaves, maybe a teaspoon of brown sugar], and sour cream; served over a bed of white rice from the local Chinese Restaurant. The dish was complemented w/White Zinfandel Wine-sea salt to taste.

I forgot to get mushrooms. Since I cook from scratch, I do not measure ingredients.  The dish was tasty enough that I plan to grow carrots again next year. [more pics…]