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The ability to move with the times, and adapt to newfangled creations in life can result in improved results and quality of living. With cycling, the ability to adapt and overcome certain variables is imperative in order to improve one’s overall abilities and focus on short-term and log-term goals both in fitness and the procurement of a new skill set. But these cannot be done alone and often the assistance of high-tech equipment or experienced coaches is an unrealistic method of choice due to cost.

Often nowadays, the simplest way to improve your training methods or even nutrition during cycling is via informative apps that are available either courtesy of the App Store of Google Play depending on what device you own. Although, not everyone will support this newfangled app culture we see ourselves living in, there are many apps out there than help us solve everyday problems and are worth their weight in gold.


One app that has gained much notoriety is the Strava Running and Cycling GPS when it was voted in “The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Fitness.” It helps the user track rides with GPS, help users engage with new communities and compare routes.

The app also helps the user devise routes, has innovative tracking devices that will measure speed, pace, elevation gained and the amount of calories burned on a ride. It also has functions that enable the user to measure heart rate from its Zephyr HxM Bluetooth sensors. It’s social sharing options have also be well documented as it gives the user the ability to share routes and pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, as well as via the Strava community.

best-cycling-apps-my-tracks-screenshots-120720[1]One of the best apps to learn new training techniques and methods is Coach My Ride which has been devised by a series of elite cycling coaches. It is built on the premise that it will help the user prepare, perform and progress through many varying coaching sessions. All the information on this app has been sourced from professional coach Lionel Reynauld.

The question is, though: Are many other novice cyclists investing in such apps to help them progress as cyclists? The answer is yes. The aforementioned Strava GPS tracking app has seen a staggering 96,000 downloads alone in 2014, couple this with Apple posting record revenues for the month of July, and it is apparent that the app market is thriving. It’s a trend that looks like it’ll only get stronger, too as Gaming Realms, a company that launched gaming portal Total Gold states that “mobile Internet is one of the most powerful trends in the Internet landscape.” Thus, the chances of cyclists experiencing a growth in the apps that are available to them is very likely in the not too distant future.

What apps do you find useful to help you track or improve your fitness when cycling? Let us know in our comments section below.

Note: Although edited and published by me, The article is written by Shanta Collins. Thank you Shanta! Very nice article.

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