Gardening from Seeds ~ Cucumbers, 03/31 Day29

Four weeks later…

WP_20140331_005Day29–I transplanted 12 seedlings into parts of the Cedar Farms Gardens.

I also gave 8 to neighbors.

I have 8 more to give to neighbors and friends. I’ll also place a few more in the yard.

I noted baby cucumbers today.

Once blooms are open, I’ll ensure they are pollinated.

This is all interesting and fun.

Amazing the growth and development in only 1 month.

Entertainment ~ A Night in Raleigh–After the Show, After the Storm, 03/29

This is a cute vid.

I have a few more [not as cute]; but, I’m having difficulty uploading to Flickr. We had I wonderful night attending the 2014 Blues Festival there. It was made more special by the after storm cloudiness/fog following severe thunderstorms. I have uploaded picture from the show to Flickr. Enjoy…

Gardening from Seeds ~ Cucumbers, 03/30 Day28

Lots of growth–waiting for warmer overnight temps to transplant outdoors.

Gardening from Seeds ~ Cucumbers, 03/27–Day25

With these seedling nearing a month since I placed the first seeds in soil, tendrils can be seen. That means they will soon be ready to climb. In the meantime, I preparing to start another batch of seeds. Flickr pics…

Gardening from Seeds ~ Cucumbers, 03/23–Day21, after going under the light

Yesterday–Day21: I brought the plants in, watered them, and put them away beneath the fluorescent grow light. I then took a few snaps with my 35mm DSLR. I’m documenting the growth of my cucumber seedlings, plus capturing a few interesting [for me] shots. More here.CRW_5893_HDR
Lights out around 10:30 pm. I read plants need their rest [dark periods] too.

Gardening from Seeds ~ Cucumbers, 03/23–Day21–Seedlings in trays on plant stand, outside…

I completed the trays for the plant stand yesterday. The seedlings are out for the 3rd consecutive day of hardening-off. The stand works well, both inside and out. More pictures in this Flickr set.

DIY ~ Plant [Seedling] Stand, Built 3 Trays, 03/22

Two days ago I built a Plant [Seedling] Stand [DIY]. Today, I built 3 trays to make it easier to move the seedling around [from Plant Stand to Fluorescent Lighting Station & outdoors]. Flickr Set.

Now to paint them…