Home ~ DIY TV Wall Mount, Carport, 01/31 Weight Test

Call me chicken… Call me responsible.

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Home ~ Super Bowl XLVIII Setup–Living Room, 01/31/2014

I’ve finally replace my old HDTV. I sold it summer of 2011. This set gives us 3 viewing screens in the entertainment area and 1 in the bedroom. This set is dual-purpose. I’ll have it under the carport for the first half of the game.

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Cedar Farms ~ …; then, there are the others…

It has truly been an interesting day. Especially for the chickens. I conclude they prefer rain to snow. I’ve seen colder days and all of them were out and about. We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

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Cedar Farms ~ There are those who are out…

Throughout the day two hens and one rooster ventured out. The others stayed closet to home [their coop]. I actually say Lucy [the roo] shivering.

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Blog ~ Webcam Page Revised. Check it out!

New Webcam PageNo longer chicken-centric, see activity under my carport and on my front porch. Of particular interest may be the outdoor part of our super bowl party. Before–final prep. After–cleanup and rearrangement. Thanks for your many views since 2011. –jim


Snow ~ A first for my 3yr, 8mo. old chickens, 01/29/2014

It is very interesting to watch a animal experience something new. The chickens were born May 2011. I’ve witnessed all of their behavior, antics, etc. I think they are more reserved with the white stuff on the ground.

Stay tuned…

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Snow ~ We got a bit, 01/28 through 01/29/2014, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Holly berries, with snowSeveral more in this Snow Set.