Home ~ Bedroom, Bed Riser/Lifter

11123087423_db242cf62e_oWith all my research, I could not find a lifted bed frame on casters [wheels]. This is close. Full pictures of this project  in this Flickr set. Continue reading “Home ~ Bedroom, Bed Riser/Lifter”

Piercing Anniversary ~ Lip, 11/27/2013

Yesterday marked 1-year for my lip piercing–still the same size. Changed jewelry a few times. Here is a pic from today that shows my lip ring. This piercing hurt more than other up top that point and took a longer time for swelling to subside and to heal. I’d do it again though.


There are other pictures taken today in this Flickr set.

Piercing Anniversary ~ Upper Earlobe, 11/19/2013

Today marks one year since my upper earlobe was pierced at 14g. Over the next 6 months, I stretch this piercing to 00g. They are at their final size. Although I was stretching cartilage, the process was not difficult–just a tight squeeze on the left side on the stretch from 0g to oog.

1-year after my upper earlobe piercing

In the picture above, you see the 5 piercings in my right ear. My lobe is stretched to 5/8″. I often wear earskins [the black circles around the silver tunnels] as matting. The tunnels frame a 00g stone plug and 1/2″ wood plug. I fashioned these to fit in the tunnels. The other 3 piercings are the tragus and a pair upper helix piercings. More pics

Home ~ What’s for dinner???

What is on your menu today. As some of you know, I enjoy cooking and trying to make the dish look interesting. This Flick Set has a few of my creations since 2011.

Autumn Color, 2013 ~ More…

Autumn is abundant in color. I get an eye-full in my little space in the world. Add the red berries of my Holly Tree, the soft orange and yellows of a second blueberry bush, and the vibrant tones of dogwoods and you are treated to a kaleidoscope of color. Fall is a special time of the year for me. I’m hoping through pictures, my readers are enjoying what I see as well…

2013 Backyard Landscaping ~ Jasmine Gateway

Looking from the East Garden through the Jasmine Gateway at the Ivy Gateway Earlier today, I posted an article showing the Ivy Gateway to the backyard. Here, you see the Jasmine gateway or portal to and from the East Garden. You can see another picture in my Flickr 2013 Landscaping Set. Pics from last year.

Home ~ Shrubbery ~ It is Nandina Domestica!

Well, it took a while. Finally, I have a name for this shrub–Nandina domestica [also heavenly bamboo or sacred bamboo]. See this Flickr set for full images.