2013 Critters ~ One of my lizards makes a surprise appearance, inside!

I like my critters–not necessarily inside [except spiders]. Critters tell me the yard is alive and alive is good. After all, I’m trying to grow things around here. This is my story:

CRW_4880.CRWLast night I brought in my Sansevieria Trifasciata [Mother-in-Law’s Tongue] to protect it from possible frost this weekend. You remember my summer blooming story about this plant–right?

After harvesting sweet potatoes and approaching the back door I saw a lizard inside on my snake plant. My first thought was to capture some photographs.

The last vestage of the old skin... [even clearer]I have several keepers. I was treated to this little fellow removing skin from his head. I saw him scratching–unusual. Then I saw the skin, I was lucky to capture a few shots that show that. I took several pics on my tripod, with a telephoto lens and more hand-held, with a 50mm lens.

After the picture taking, the question is how do I keep this fellow alive. I’m thinking he needs to be outside with there is food and water. I see him on the door and on the floor. I open the door so he can escape–no, he goes back to the plant.  I use a fly swatter to herd him toward the door. He eventually takes the hint and returns to the great outdoors. I no longer have to worry about his survival.


All in a day’s work here at Cedar Farms. I planted collards, put new straw in the chicken’s nest box, and completed various other chores. That reminds me, I left the one egg I collected today outside. Going to get it now…

See 8 other pictures from this story in this 2013 Flickr set.

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