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Whether blogging, cycling, or entertaining, devices in my corner of the room get used. from left-to-right: On the floor: an HP Color LaserJet 3550 Printer; a 28″ LCD display in landscape mode; a Nokia 920 Windows Phone 8; a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse; an iPhone 4S; an external DVD Optical Drive; an HP Envy Windows 8.1 TouchScreen Notebook; an HP Pavilion dm3 Windows 8.1 Notebook; and a Acer 1915 LCD Display in portrait mode. The pic was shot with my 35mm DSLR.

Both notebooks have Windows 8.1 installed. The iPhone–iOS 7, and the WP8–a –Windows 8.0. I try to stay current for my enjoyment and so that I am prepared for any computer support request I receive relating to my former business–The Computer Dr., Inc.

I love that with my login, Windows 8 shows most display attributes on all computers where the user logs in to with the same account. Many of us want more mirroring, i.e. a change to Start Screen tiles on a computer is the same for other computer, unless it is set to not do so. There is even more that could be mirrored so that a user has a duplicate computer. Great failsafe idea and timesaver because functionality would be the same for all. I expect future upgrades and OSs will have options like this.

I am back to the ability to use a single keyboard and mouse for both computers by using ShareMouse. In the past I used MaxiVista. As you see in this picture, I have more tidying up to do–soon. I am borrowing the LCD that I use for as  the kitchen TV. I will replace it with a 27″ TouchScreen monitor. That means the system on the left will be TouchScreen + mouse, where the system on the right is mouse only. I think ultimately, all my screen will be touchscreen. Sometimes, my mind gets confused and I touch non-TouchScreen displays. Oh well…

Before, I had one notebook on another counter. I had to roll between the 2 computers using my Captain’s chair. This setup is more practical and gives me back counter space. Yes!

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

7 thoughts on “Technology ~ The Mothership–My corner of the room”

  1. System:–my workstations for blogging, photo editing & upload: It is convenient having 2 stations to complete many associated tasks. Occasionally, a browser locks up [crashes]. I then have the other computer. If there is a resource intensive task, I use the other one to distribute the load.

    The end of September, I had the pleasure of shooting a video for pay. I looks like I may get to do so many more times. I’m ready to use the equipment and software for quick turnaround. I took pictures while I was there as well.

    Things can get busy around here. Then I have gardening, chickens, and yard work. Go to the gym and bike as often as I can.



    1. Why have I not upgraded to an iPhone 5 or 5S, you ask?

      Well, not enough of a change to make me pine for one. Plus, I would have had to pay an AT&T 2-year contract penalty to have purchased the 5 when it was released and the size change did not fit my cases. The 5S was not enough of a change. I’ll likely get the next release. My 4S continues to suffer from broken glass, back & front.



  2. Cycling: Both phones go with me. The iPhone is used as a GPS and send eCrumbs to family and friends to allow them to track me using the RoadID App. My WP8 is in my pocket for phone calls, pictures, etc. It is also okay to have redundancy. –jim


  3. Entertaining: iTunes and AppleTV [4] have a special marriage that allows me to stream music throughout the house and my backyard [1 AirPort Express]. In addition, I use iTunes Match. My music is uploaded to iCloud and can thereby be played by all instances of iTunes logging in to my account. Also, pictures upload to my Flickr account are immediately visible on TVs connected to the 5 streaming Apple devices. I upload pics, play music, etc. My guest say: “they like.” Works for me…



  4. Share Mouse Issue:

    Waking ShareMouse v1.0.93 on a 2nd Windows 8 Laptop
    Postby jalexartis » 17 Oct 13, 01:18

    I have licensed ShareMouse installed on 2 laptop computers, both with Windows 8.

    Problem: I am not able to awake [stop the screen saver] my second laptop using the mouse.

    Behavior: The cursor stops at the edge of the monitor until I touch the keyboard or mousepad on the second laptop.

    Desired Behavior:The second laptop wakes up [screen saver stops] on movement of the cursor on to its screen. It seems ShareMouse on the second laptop is not pooling for mouse movement.

    My questions: Have I overlooked something? I’ve read and searched this forum without finding a solution. If I have not found or overlooked a solution, is this a feature that can be included in a future release?



    I posted the above 3 days ago [10/17] to the ShareMouse Support Forum.



    1. I received this reply:

      by admin » 17 Oct 13, 04:06

      ShareMouse does not yet fully support Windows 8 as this new OS has been developed after release of ShareMouse v1.

      We are working on a new version supporting Windows 8.



      1. My response:

        by jalexartis » 17 Oct 13, 05:45

        There is hope.

        As I used the app, I note the cursor also stops when software install dialogs are on the screen.

        Thank you for the reply.


        P.S. Now Windows 8.1 on both computers. If you are looking for beta testers, I volunteer. I am a computer tech.

        Waiting for the update…



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