Technology ~ iOS 7 for my iPhone 4S, 09/18/2013

Installed Apple’s new operating system [iOS 7] on my iPhone 4S yesterday. I experienced several errors in getting the file because of server overload. I began my quest for this file as soon as it was available–1:00 p.m. EDT.

I like the clean, crisp look. Because folders can now be multiple pages,

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10/05 Metric Century Tng. ~ Wed., 09/18/2013

9-18-2013 2-07-48 PM

The temps this morning’s ride made me not want to start a ride before sunrise.

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10/05 Metric Century Tng. ~ Sun., 09/15/2013 ~ Rode a Metric Century, + 10

9-15-2013 12-58-22 PM

I’m happy to have safely finished this ride. I began at 6:45 a.m. and finished at 11:42 a.m. I only stopped for traffic lights. I ate and drank on the bike. The US 421 leg of the ride, between Lillington and Dunn, slowed me the most because of the long climbs.

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10/05 Metric Century Tng. ~ Thur., 09/12/2013

9-12-2013 5-30-31 PM

Today’s ride 31 miles. My long ride in this series is planned for this Saturday, 09/14. Then, medium length rides leading up to the metric century, 10/05.

10/05 Metric Century Tng. ~ Tue., 09/10/2013

9-10-2013 9-30-55 PM
I rode 25.1 miles this morning. I headed out for 30 miles, but wanted to vary the route and then decided to maintain my goose egg. I think missing the additional mile won’t kill me. This weekend, I plan to get more anyway. We shall see…

10/05 Metric Century Tng. ~ Sun., 09/08/2013

9-8-2013 1-13-27 PM

I think the graphic says all that is needed for this article. I plan to ride a much longer distance next weekend. After that, medium length rides as I get closer to the October 5th Metric Century.

10/05 Metric Century Tng. ~ Fri. P.M., 09/06/2013, Another Strava Challenge…

Moved up the leaderboard, from 10th [3:40] to 6th [3:12]. The top 6 riders are only separated by 12 seconds. This evening I had cyclist, runners, & walkers. I rode to be courteous. Riding responsibly and meeting Strava challenges is fun–certainly more interesting than just going out to ride. [This evening’s ride…] [My blog article on this morning’s ride–also moved up leaderboard]

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