jalexartis Selfies ~ I guess some would say really different! ~ Well…

Flickr 2013 Selfie Set

On my birthday last year [12/17/2012] I published an article that details my reasons for making slight body modifications.

Well, they began as “slight” and evolved over time to what we see here today–not extreme mind you. Now, you say: “I can argue that point with you.”

This journey began September 10, 2012, with the piercing of my lower earlobe and ends [planned piercings] with 14 piercings, the last two: the forward helix of my left ear. From the beginning I saw my body as a canvas that I get to decorate–thus the evolution. I think of myself as an artist [no pun on my last name]. I have been fortunate to be paid for printing for over 10 years [I call it decorating paper]. I also enjoy interior decorating, as well as landscaping. I’ve received lots of positive comments regarding my work in each of those areas. The last several months gave me the opportunity to work on my personal canvas [detailed in comments (now 41) to the article above].

The result works for me. There has been some pain [the actual piercings–some more than others] and discomfort [the healing and the bumps that go there-with]. I have persevered. I am happy that I embarked of this journey. I have not [to my knowledge] received strange stares and certainly no questions about why–“say it ain’t so”.

For me, this look works and fits with my sport of cycling. Again, many may choose not to venture in this direction. That is fine with me. The James you know, remains the same person on the inside–just happy to express myself this way.

If you think body modifications/enhancements may work for you, give it a try. You cannot know without trying it.

The best and enjoy life…


Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

3 thoughts on “jalexartis Selfies ~ I guess some would say really different! ~ Well…”

  1. Now 4 months from my 68th birthday and the changes I want are coming along as we get closer to my 70th. The dreadlocks will be at the length I want. I think I’ll be there by December 17th this year. Over the next 2 year, more top and side growth.

    I hope to get several more pieces of organic plugs and tunnels [horn, bone, stone, & wood]. I may stretch a bit larger, but very slowly–6 months or more between stretches. I’m now at 9/16″ for the lower earlobe and can see 5/8″ or maybe even 3/4″. I do not see anything beyond that. The upper earlobe is stretched to 00g.

    As the summer wraps up and I do less with my hands in the yard, I will have my nails polished again. I intend to stick with black-tip French for my fingers and black polish for my toes. So, back to the manis & pedis the end of this month.




    1. Hello! I’m now at 5/8″. I can pull the flare of my 1/2″ single flare glass plug through my stretched earlobe. YES!!! I’ll get a 5/8″ single flare tunnel of some type. ordered a few items from King’s Body Jewelry. The next question is when will I be able to wear a 5/8″ double flare plug or tunnel?


  2. Today, I introduced myself to the Your Ear Stretching Connection Facebook Page. I am humbled by the amazing comments I received from members of the YESC Group. Following are comments made today about yours truly from some of their members:

    Chris Blue Welcome! And you look way younger than 67 . I would’ve thought you were in your late 40s, tops.

    Andie Depatie You are one handsome “senior” (age is nothing more than a numeric value given to length of time we have incorporated our experiences into)
    Your piercings look great!
    And you made me think of my husbands aunt. She was 62 when she went in for her first tattoo – shes up to 3 or 4 now I honestly feel this to be more confirmation that mods are done to an individuals preference and as an art form of expression – NOT as a statement of rebellion. Thus, you are now in my list of inspirational characters, J Alex

    Scott Rolfe Welcome J Alex Artis. I’m happy to say that you have ousted me from my position as oldest member of YESC. . And, may I add that you are one seriously cool looking gentleman.

    Frankie ‘Frankreich’ Ray We still love you Papa Rolfe! J Alex Artis, you are one seriously cool customer.

    Scott Rolfe I’m a mere whippersnapper at 42 years Jim.

    Scott Rolfe A small gap in my eyes. If you hadn’t already disclosed your age, I would have guessed early to mid 50’s.

    Chris Blue It’s funny cause alot of people still seem to think that piercings,tattoos,ear stretching,etc., is something only teens & early 20somethings do, but it just isn’t true. Just the other day I was reading something online,& someone said that they’ve never seen anyone that wasn’t a teen or early 20s with stretched ears,& I was like, well, I’m in my 30s. And lots of people on here are my age and older

    Dallas Sharron Fantastic. You look great!

    Ana Wilmot It could also be more that people incorrectly guess people’s age. I’ll be 29 in October and my co-workers all thought I was in the range of 19-21. Most don’t realize my husband is in his early 50s, either.

    Cari SixFt Deep I hope that I can be as awesome as you when I get to be your age! It is so nice to see someone who is older that is accepting of body modification! Also you look much younger than you are!!!

    Lana Stein You, sir, put a smile on my face. Your piercings are fantastic, and the fact that you’re older makes it even better.

    Joe Walton I dig it.

    Amanda Knepper Wonderful

    Medina Isley So happy to see you posting finally!!!
    You look absolutely fantastic .
    Also I have to add (I’m going to try and say this without sounding like an idiot) that you are just awesome. I love that you are rocking the piercings and there is no way that you look 67!

    Kerry Hunter Can I just say. You. Are one handsome fellow. Piercings look great, and I agree with everyone else, would have said you were mid to late 40s tops. *goes to swoon at your pictures some more*

    Elizabeth King You’ve done great with your piercings, they look amazing at you! And I agree with Kerry about the age

    Mike Close Feels good to finally be able to have a little self expression right? Are you still considering dreading your hair?

    Tyson Allen Hello, James! Lovely to meet you and see your handsome face!

    Tyson Allen You are quite welcome. I only call it like I see it. I can certainly appreciate a handsome face when one is in front of me even more so with a strong mind behind it.You are quite welcome. I only call it like I see it. I can certainly appreciate a handsome face when one is in front of me even more so with a strong mind behind it.

    WOW! I will do my best to be a contributor to YESC. I have several new Facebook friends and look forward to learning and sharing with them and other members of this group and their commitment to help those who are making body modifications.

    I feel welcome by the group. I am happy to no longer be a YESC lurker.

    Thanks to all of you.



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