Home ~ Maintenance/Repair, 2013: Reinstalled Bar Rail

Pictures are also in this flickr set.

Author: jalexartis

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One thought on “Home ~ Maintenance/Repair, 2013: Reinstalled Bar Rail”

  1. This bar rail was installed in 2001 as a part of the remodeling I hired a carpenter to do. He did poor work and left the job without completing what he was hired to do. He attached this rail to the wall through the drywall. One of the supports was in a stud. The others were either just in the drywall or not spaced evenly along the rail. To my knowledge, the studs are not spaced 16″ center-to-center.

    I removed the rail in 2011 for painting before the Super Bowl Party I hosted that year. I did not put it back until this week. Last month I decided how I would do it and took my time doing so.

    To equally space the support brackets, I placed them in a 2″x 6″ board. I replaced the mounting screws that had threading for wood with screws that have machine threads. I countersunk them so the back of the board is flush with the wall. After seeing the board on the wall, I saw that I needed molding to make it look finished. I used small crown molding the width of the board. I did not like the electrical outlet flush with the wall, so I purchased an outlet box, also the width of the board, to extend it so it’s front is flush with the front of the board.

    After fitting all the pieces, I removed them for painting, 3 coats of primer & 3 finished coats. I then remounted everything and caulked the molding. Caulking is NOT my forte. I can live with the finished look of this project.

    Job finished and pictures [taken with my Windows Phone 8 {Nokia Lumina 920} camera] are up.



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