ElliptiGO ~ 1st 10-mile Ride, 09/03

This, after a 10-mile ride.

Author: jalexartis

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16 thoughts on “ElliptiGO ~ 1st 10-mile Ride, 09/03”

    1. I love the handling.

      Turns–like a scooter. I can lean a lot, but tend to lay the cycle over and hold the body upright. I can stride through turns and take them with power. Understand, I’m an aggressive rider.

      Hills–amazing for a 3-speed. It is only certified for 5% grade. I think I’ve ridden steeper. Check this ride–lean into the handlebar and pump the legs, leverage with the arms as desired. I will upgrade to a more capable hub. For now, I’m have great fun on my 3-speed.

      Thanks for asking!!!



  1. I have 6 recorded rides [and numerous ridden without recording] on the ElliptiGO. It is an exciting, fantastic, fun-to-ride piece of kit. I’m really enjoying it and feel the exercise benefit from riding. My decision [no test ride] to buy is a right one for me.More impressions to follow. –jim


  2. Not bad Jim. That’s about my average speed on my road bike when I am just out riding for fun to knock out some distance. The ElliptiGO looks like a neat alternative to running and allows you to cover more distance than the average runner could do in the same time. Good to see you continuing your pursuit of wheeled exercise.


    1. Thanks Wayne. The ElliptiGO is a lot of fun to control. I know that I will ride faster as I make fit the muscles it uses [glutes & hamstring]. I’m also lifting weights at out senior fitness center. I feel really good when I ride my road bike. My average speed is not where it once was, but okay. On it I can average 16mph over 20 miles. I want a 15mph+ average on the ElliptiGO. Regardless, it is FUN!



    1. Well, I’ve added lights and changed the bar-ends. I have storage bags and I will change the IGH to a NuVinci N360 Hub. I do not think carbon fiber wheel covers will work well. Connection the air hose will be a problem if they are in place. I do not have other ideas at this point. Thanks! –jim


              1. The problem you would be solving is riding a stock bike. Based on exhaustive reviews of your bike collection, few if any remain stock for long. You are like me in that you like to tinker and like to solve problems. A stock bike is a bike that hasn’t been scrutinized yet to make it more effective. Uni wheel covers are an option that work with disc brakes as they are fabric stretched over aluminum hoops should you change your mind.


  3. Julian, I forgot to say another reason I cannot use CF wheel covers is that the ElliptiGO has rim brakes. Wheel covers have to be glued to the rim–thus work with wheels that have disc brakes. –jim


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