Cruzbike: Protect Your What-What

This is a controversial advertisement as evidenced by comments in this BROL Thread and YouTube comments.

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

5 thoughts on “Cruzbike: Protect Your What-What”

  1. I had NOT planned to run this video here. It was put up May 2, 2012. I reviewed it–had some opinions, but choose not to comment until May 6 in the BROL Thread. I mad 2 comments there, but no reply from a Cruzbike official. I want to buy their Vendetta. Now, I have reservations. I will give details in a subsequent post. For now, i want you to review and arrive at you own impressions. Please make comments here if you like. Thanks! –jim


  2. Funny video, but it only expounds on one feature of the bike and doesn’t show enough details. I think they are trying to appeal to people who don’t ride much.


  3. Reads more like a PSA with humor than a bike ad…..

    What’s next, bikes that protect the Vajayjay?

    Still, it kept my attention and made a point which is the purpose of advertising. The fact that the bike has other advantages isn’t relevant to a short ad.


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