Home ~ Backyard ~ Flowers ~ Perennial ~ Added Oakleaf Hydrangeas

Replace several Azaleas with 3 Oakleaf Hydrangeas, these to the left of my flag pole. I’ll enjoy the summer and fall color of the three.

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

One thought on “Home ~ Backyard ~ Flowers ~ Perennial ~ Added Oakleaf Hydrangeas”

  1. Another beauty:

    The Oakleaf hydrangea is a dramatic, white-blooming shrub with four seasons of interest. It blooms best in areas where summers are somewhat hot, but it is winter hardy farther north than the macrophylla (mophead). A tremendous advantage of the Oakleaf is that it can thrive in much dryer locations than its cousins. Mopheads struggle in my sandy soil, but the Oakleaf hydrangeas thrive with very little attention.

    Summer & Fall Specials and I’ll have them all.



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