Home ~ Backyard ~ Flowers ~ Perennial ~ Gardenias (3), 04/18

Set out three Gardenias this morning.

They are Kleims Hardy Gardenia [3 feet in height], Gardenia August Beauty [4 – 6 feet in height], and Gardenia Radicans [6 – 12 inches in height].

I look forward to their growth and the wonderful fragrance of my youth.

We only had one though.

We are to have blooms from each this summer.

Lovin’ my flowers and so do the bees and butterflies–no hummingbirds yet.

Fargo II ~ The dawn of a new era, soon to begin…

The time has finally come for the remaining parts of Fargo to head west to Payson, Utah–Utah Trikes, and the innovation of Ashley Guy.

I shipped the failed rear-end almost 2 years ago–07/02.

Ashley will soon transform Fargo into Fargo II.

I plan to go to Payson to pick it up and drive it back to North Carolina. I guess it would be interesting to ride it back. That, I’ll have to think about.

I know many of you are interested in what is to become of this quad. Please stay tuned…

iPhonenography ~ SlowShutter & Fuzel, 04/17

Moved 5 lights. Plan to light the large planter. The additional lighting enhances the inviting atmosphere. Now, if I could only rid myself of the mosquitoes…