Fargo Mods & Tweaks ~ April 2012 Update

The balance of my quadricycle parts [front end & pieces] will be returned to Utah Trikes this month. Last update October 2010.


Much time has passed and tons of testing has been done on the Catrike Quad platform. We demo’d at this year’s Catrike Rally and whole new design made for touring has been released.

I would love to rebuild Fargo into a light weight cross country machine.

What do you say?

Of course, I’m in…

I would want to completely toss the previous cage. and use a new lightweight covering we are working on.
Our capabilities here have grown tenfold since we made Fargo, and I am very interested in making the Catrike Quad “the ultimate touring platform”.
Since you were there in the beginning I’d like you to be part of the movement.
Let me know what you think

I’m anxious to see and ride Fargo with the mods.

I want to build it again from the ground up. Including repainting it. We do our own powder coating now, so we can make sure everything matches perfectly. I want this to be the supreme machine.
I’m glad you are onboard.
WOW, this is exciting!!!

We are pretty excited about the new Fargo.
I am really focused on making it fast, lightweight and reliable.
I am experimenting with some different electric ideas too for staying in contact on tours.

Well, I’m excited as well. I hope you are too. You will be seeing more frequent updates. Stay tuned…


Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

6 thoughts on “Fargo Mods & Tweaks ~ April 2012 Update”

  1. Jim,
    I am excited to hear this. I remember all to well the hours you put into planning and executing the construction on Fargo and the challenges you faced on your epic journey. We need to plan a shake down cruise for Fargo II and put together a ride down the Natchez Trace from Nashville, TN to Natchez, MS.



    1. Now that sounds exciting. Hello Wayne. Good to hear from you. Maybe sometime in 2013 we can do that, providing I get someone to care for my chickens. I plan a round-trip to Richmond, Virginia to check it out first though. We’ll have to stay in touch. –jim


  2. Great news and exciting news! I’m glad to hear that Fargo lives to roll again although it certainly sounds like Fargo II will be drastically different than Fargo I. I’ll certainly look forward to more info as the build continues!


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