Want to Buy: Cruzbike Vendetta, my dream bike

First, it was the Silvio and then the Vendetta. I loved it from the moment I saw it as Maria Parker rode her record breaking ride. I will invest the proceeds from the sale of Silk and tail fairing into my dream bike. If I do this as I want, it will be with the carbon fiber wheel.

Author: jalexartis

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8 thoughts on “Want to Buy: Cruzbike Vendetta, my dream bike”

  1. the vendetta is very intriguing. i look forward to reading about your experiences with it. will be interested to see how you set it up with handlebars, bags, etc.


    1. Hi Jasper,

      I expect to ride with the Bull Horn Bar and no bags. Lighting will be the most obvious accessory. I really look forward to riding it. Thanks for your interest ans please stay tuned. –jim


      1. Jim, what is your timing on the Vendetta (presuming that is still your plan). I’ve got a Silvio and really like it….been thinking about upgrading to the Vendetta


        1. Hi Jasper. If I buy, I’m interested in the next version of the Vendetta. John says he will not bring it to market until all of the current Vendettas are sold. Given that, I do not have a month that I would place my order. In the meantime, I am working on other projects at home and watching for Vendetta news. –jim


  2. Is the Silk sold already? If not what is the going price? I have an Ice Vortex 2 700 and I am attempting to build it up like your Silk. It is such a wonderful machine. How much time was spent on it? It becomes contagious to work on it at anytime and hour. lol

    And what all do you carry with you on your long trips? How large of a group to you ride with under those circumstances? How do you store your bikes? I have 8 recumbents, 4 tadpoles and 4 two wheels. And last question: I have contacted Garrie Hill to build me a set of carbon fiber wheel covers. He said it would be 8 weeks. Its been 9 wks now. I’ve contacted via email. Havent heard from him in a while. My question to you is is he OK?


    1. Hello Douglas,

      Silk sold 04/09/2012–in less than 1 day!!! I could have asked more than the $1,750 that I asked for.

      Building up a cycle is a LOT of fun and I have done 4 ‘bents and a Crank Forward–each a delight.

      Having 7 cycles at that time, I rode Silk periodically. I choose the cycle to ride based on environment and what other cyclist were riding. I certainly enjoyed it, my DF, and low racer during RAGBRAI.

      As to touring equipment–depending on credit-card tour or other, I carry safety gear, lighting, and clothing, as well as some food and water. I generally buy that along the way. I’ve toured a few hundred miles with 3 others, 1,162 with one other. All other tours have been solo.

      Garrie Hill has been reliable and responsive to me. I have heard there can be some delay in response. The best in that regard.



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