For Sale: CT7225 [A.K.A. Silk], 04/07

Yesterday, the tail faring. Today, my Catrike 700 [with Garrie Hill’s Carbon Fiber Wheel Covers]. I’m asking $1,700. Buyer picks up [Fayetteville, North Carolina] or pays packing and shipping. Take the fairing [$750] and trike for $2,375. DiNottie lighting, pedals, and solar panel are NOT included. –jim

SOLD, 04/09!

Author: jalexartis

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4 thoughts on “For Sale: CT7225 [A.K.A. Silk], 04/07”

  1. I see the post on the Cruzbike. Still, Silk… 🙂 You know how impressed I was/am with that paricular bike.

    We had a good time in the Low Country. Ate well but didn’t ride that much. Roads were clogged with Spring Breakers and, based upon what I observed on the beach in front of us, most were drunk and then drunk and driving. So… it seemed wise to reduce the chances of getting taken out by a drunk driver by simply staying off the roads. Off-island, there was lots of road construction going on and that just added to the congestion on the highways. In a number of spots, the bike lanes were blocked completely by heavy equipment so that threw you out into the higher speed vehicular traffic.

    I did get to spend some time with David as his trip to Wild Dunes fortunately coincided with our trip to Folly. He and his daughter, Liz, came down and spent the afternoon and evening with us. He and I got in a nice ride around Folly. It was the first face-to-face time we’ve had since his camping trip with us 2 years ago. I covered Liz’s honor at the Boone Hall Plantation on my blog post so I won’t type it out here again. 🙂

    I guess work starts back tomorrow. We’re hoping to pick up the dogs at the kennel late this afternoon.



    1. Hi Zeke,

      Thanks for the update on the Low Country trip and visiting with David and Liz.

      My cycles are like kids to me. I’ll always love them, but some times you must let them go. I’ll always have my Silk memories and pictures. I’ll get to experience new adventures on a Vendetta. Maria Parker’s riding has been an influence.

      Stay tuned…



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