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You may have noted crazy things going on with this blog Sunday afternoon, evening, night, and into the morning. That was me in the process of changing themes [Newsy] the a new column format for Cycling Experiences—the wave of the future.

You may have noted crazy things going on with this blog Sunday afternoon, evening, night, and into the morning. That was me in the process of changing themes [Newsy] to a new column format for Cycling Experiences—the wave of the future. This is our 4th and likely last theme. It give me the ability to change the look as I want. Plus, I had to buy this theme.

I like the look, although there are tweaks I want, but cannot make them with my CSS upgrade. I’ll pass those issues on to Wednesday, 01/25, I made the tweaks I wanted–all on my own.

As for my readers: You are going to need Google Chrome or Apple Safari to view the pages as intended. I have tested Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Sea Monkey—each with their latest update. Neither display columns properly and do not show my blog pages correctly,

I trust you use, or do not mind using, the two browsers I state work with this theme. Several months ago, I switched to Chrome as my principal browser. Thanks for bearing with the craziness. I hope you’ll continue as regular readers. THANKS!


Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

3 thoughts on “Blog ~ New WordPress Theme ~ Newsy”

  1. In the future, you will probably see relatively short excerpts of articles and smaller pictures–maybe thumbnails. Clicking on the title or the link at the bottom of the article will take you to the full article and a larger photograph/graphic. –jim


  2. Musings on this theme…

    Hello Phillip,

    I want to call, if that is possible. Email takes so much longer and can require several exchanges.

    I have a suggestion. That is to facilitate the new users URL of other users so we can see Newsy in use. I’m sure we can help each other.

    I really tested the browsers because I do not want to frustrate my readers. For some reason I have issues that you do not. I’d had a user comment on not seeing my live-feed webcams. I like the theme and wish more browsers could see it. I publish an article saying what I found.



    > 1) Of 6 browsers I tested my blog with, only 2 [Chrome & Safari] proper display my columns and pages. There is no mention on browsers in the hype to sell. My blog with Newsy does NOT display properly in IE, Opera, Firefox, of Sea Monkey–the latest version of each.

    I suspect this may have something to do with your Custom CSS. The theme (and all of our newest themes) have been tested with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE 8, IE 9, and Opera. If something doesn’t look right then feel free to send along screenshots or troubleshoot the issue by checking your Custom CSS.

    I only used the native time–no custom CSS until today, 01/25.

    > 2) Newsy works with Microsoft Live Writer. Neither WordPress native editor nor Live Writes gives a preview of how the article looks in the 2-column format. I think we should have that feature.

    We’ve decided not to include this feature in Newsy because there are too many layout options to take into account here. Only one native editor style can be included with WordPress so the choice of having it or not came down to there being too many layout options to only include one.

    Understand. I wish we could tailor to the layout we choose.

    > 3) From the descriptions for the various formats available, I thought I’d have more flexibility with page layout, e.g., 2 narrow sidebars, versus one narrow and one wide. The option is neither of wide, left or right, or one of your choice. Having the theme and rereading find what is written correct. It just seemed that this theme has more..

    Your layout options are controlled by the Theme Options panel and the Widgets panel. Do you mean having a mix-and-match approach to your layouts per post/page? If so, that won’t work with this version of Newsy. There’s a site-wide layout option that will affect all layouts on the home and archive pages.

    No, not what I mean. I misunderstood what I read. It seemed changing layouts would be different. I’ll take the hit on that. I’ve worked with what I have. Thanks!

    > 4) I have a support ticket with a question on placement of share icons in the title bar. I included a graphic showing Newsy with them displayed, yet I find no way to do so. The same graphic shows the word “search” in the search box, but this version does not have that.

    The social icons are not included in’s version of Newsy. You would need to use the self-hosted version for that or put the social icons into one of the widgets that comes rolled into the theme.

    Oh well… [I do not want to go to org. Please give us that feature later.] For now, I’ll just use the icons at the bottom of articles.

    > 5) I’ve tried to use my CSS upgrade to change article heading line spacing. The theme uses 19px. Reduce it 1px and the heading collapses on itself. I’ve used my CSS upgrade on 2 previous themes. It worked, not here. I am able to my with it.ake changes with the font upgrade.

    This seems to work fine on my end:

    .entry-title a { letter-spacing: -1px; }

    Good for you. I found a way:
    h1,section { /* tightened article title spacing */
    Your way may be better.

    > 6) Picture sizing for the 2-column format seems unpredictable and uncontrollable. I have not figured out how the theme does the resizing, Your pictures will be sized for a full-page. This seems to be the case in the native editor as well as Live Writer.

    The theme should resize all images according to the maximum amount of space that is allowed by their container. Feel free to submit a screenshot or URL/post title example for me to see the problem.

    Not a problem. I just do not know what I’ll get in the 2-column format until it is published. I’m learning the theme as I go. Please visit my site to see Newsy in use.


  3. I’m curious, so I asked: 01/26.

    I note a small red banner by my name where comments are posted. I’ve search and do not find a meaning. Please tell me what it mean. I suspect top commenter. I’d prefer that be one of my visitors, not me. I comment all the time. Thanks! –jim

    TimeThief says:

    Do you think it’s possible that your premium theme is providing that little red banner by your username name? See the comments here >

    I reply:

    I guess it is possible. I still wonder what it means. 1tess, I appreciate the link. I’ve learned to wait. Thanks! –jim

    No other information. I still do not know for sure.



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