Cycling Experiences ~ New High Pageviews in a day, 11/18/2011

New high pageviews Continue reading “Cycling Experiences ~ New High Pageviews in a day, 11/18/2011”

Home ~ Eggs [data, data, data…]

Given my love of spreadsheets, data, and statistics, my chicken experience gives me the perfect opportunity to combine those interest. Continue reading “Home ~ Eggs [data, data, data…]”

Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ 8 Chicks A-laying

Well, it began with Goldie on October 20, 2011, and ends with Fawn November 16, 2011,—82 eggs later and I am proud the say my little chicks [currently 8 pullets and 2 cockerels], purchased May 26, 2011, are now grown and able to have little chicks of their own. Continue reading “Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ 8 Chicks A-laying”

Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ The Chicks

The Chicks of Cedar TowersI simply call them the Chicks of Cedar Towers [their stats]. Please meet Bubbles, Red, Goldie, Squawk, Jane, Fawn, Princes, and Foxy. To see individual pictures, goto the Flickr Set or click the picture above to do so.