Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ HELP!!! [What is a guy to do?]

CRW_3227.CRWCRW_3229.CRWLast Monday Lucy [my alpha roo—pictured here] was to have left [rehomed]—splitting up the boys. The “new owner” did not pick him up as promised. I did not call to ask why. I have found him a new home and he is to go there Saturday a.m. [now Monday—10/24].

Now, the problem: Lucy [the roo] and Goldie have a special bond. He has made her HIS. He even stood by her as she laid her first egg [I just missed the moment on camera; but, I saw them in the South Tower roost area before all the noise began]. For a couple of weeks they can be seen together. She seldom squawks when he comes calling.

So, do I break this up and leave her for Pete or Junior, the Golden Laced Wyandottes, or do I send one of them packing? I am sentimental. I can be practical. I like the look of the Wyandottes better. I think their manner may be better. Neither of them seem to have a “girlfriend” yet. What is a guy to do?  I want your comments.


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9 thoughts on “Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ HELP!!! [What is a guy to do?]”

  1. I’m surprised to see what I thought was the chick at or near the bottom of the pecking order become so endeared and went from constant running to always being somewhere near her roo. I guess “relations” makes a difference [for chickens anyway]. –jim


  2. oh dear….this is tough. My decision is based entirely on the heart, true love and all that romantic girly stuff. So I think Pete and Junior need a new home. However, if he is that attentive with her he may need to be separated from the group. She may start laying fertilized eggs (there will be a spot of blood in the yolk). It does not affect the flavor of the eg. But you can’t leave her sitting on them for a few days then decide to bring in the eggs. Some one gets one of those surprises and it’ll turn them off on eggs entirely. 🙂 Best of luck with your decision.


    1. Her eggs will be fertile. Actually, having only 8 females, all egg laid are presumed fertile, if there is a rooster in the flock. My observations bear that out and I have 3 roos. Eggs are [will be] collected as soon as they are laid–incubation will not have begun. At this point, I plan to keep 2 rosters. Like you, I lean toward keeping Lucy. Goldie may have here friend. Interesting watching them again today. Thanks for your input. –jim


      1. I should have added that the nesting box does not allow the chicks to sit on the eggs [or eat them]. They roll to the back for collection when they are laid. Of course, that assumes they lay in the nesting box. That we will have to see.


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