Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ Goldie lays the 1st egg

GoldieToday, October 20, 2011, I collected my first egg from the 8 pullets. Goldie [who has a romance with Lucy [my roo who was to have been rehomed on Monday], an Easter Egger, does it first. Now, to start the Layena.The shell is nicely formed—no special items fed. All the chicken seemed to make quite a racket to mark the event. I went to see what was going on and found the egg just below the roost in the South Tower. I would have liked it to have been in the nesting box. Maybe next time.

I noticed Goldie and her suitor in the South Tower and trained a camera on them. I just did not watch and missed the laying. To my knowledge, Lucy stood by.  I wonder if any of you saw the laying on the WebCam???

Quite a day for Goldie—an escape, flew over 2 fences, enclosed in my greenhouse, and finally captured by me. I also saw her on top of the nesting box, having walked there through the poop door. Then, on top of all that, she lays an egg—a beautiful egg. I hope with many more to come.

I’m maintaining a spreadsheet with the vitals. This eggs weighs in at 48.3 grams. That makes it a small egg; but, a good egg none-the-less.
A beautiful egg, it is!Miss Goldie

THANKS Goldie!!!

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8 thoughts on “Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ Goldie lays the 1st egg”

      1. Let’s hope. Now, if I get 8 chicks to give 12 eggs, I’ll be pleasantly shocked. Maybe next year when I get a pullet offspring from each of my roos that I am rehoming. Thanks!!! –jim


    1. Received this reply in response to my email letting them know.

      Hooray! Congratulations! I must tell you, you aren’t the first customer to write and tell me that as soon as the ordered their custom egg carton labels, they found their first egg. Perhaps that should be my new marketing angle? lol
      Congrats again!

      Kathy Mormino
      Egg Carton Labels by ADozenGirlz

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  1. cooool!!! I really want to come see the egg! Do u think i could come visit u some time? What should w name the chickie. wait, i know how about, PEEP!

    ~ me

    p.s. do u ever let your chickens watch T.V or let them in your house?

    pps. i love u


    1. That egg wlll wait for a few more and likely be consumed–no hatching. Chick are best born in the spring. We will have many more eggs–most fertile. We’ll have to save PEEP as a name. The chickens have not been in the house–not even as baby chicks. May be they will like the chicken slide-show. ILY2!!!


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