Silk ~ My Catrike 700–this 2 years ago

CRW_0789.CRWhis article. Thanks Ben!

Author: jalexartis

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6 thoughts on “Silk ~ My Catrike 700–this 2 years ago”

      1. I’m here in Tampa Florida and was wondering why you choose the Catrike over the ICE or HP (I realize they both offer full suspension). I’m a bike rider for over 55 years but really interested in switching to a trike but there are so many different types and models was curious why you picked the Catrike. Thanks


        1. Made in the USA and popular with the crowd on ‘bentrider online forum, plus the styling is pretty cool. I have ridden others trikes since I made the purchase and I’m still comfortable or satisfied with the decision I made to buy the Catrike 700. –jim


            1. I think the Catrike is more responsive in terms of handling on trails and curvy roads then a suspension trike. On the other hand, a trike with suspension would be more comfortable on road trips. My trike is for exhilarating short fasts responsive riding versus the comfort of a tour. So it depends on what you’re buying your type for. Yes, I have ridden an ICE Trike. It was in Utah at what’s known as the trike only tour. The ride was nice, but not for jerky fast turns. I hope this helps. –jim


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