Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ Nesting Box—Now Painted, 09/15

Chicken coop5Two days ago, I built the box and primed it inside and out with flat black paint. Yesterday, I set the box in the coop [related article]. Today, I applied the final exterior paint [green or white]. Actually, I did both so that I’d have no doubt—green first.

New ceiling/floorBut, before that, I placed a new ceiling/floor beneath the South Tower roost to catch poop so that poop from roosting does not drop to the sand tray in front of the nesting box. The eggs would not be contaminated. Plus, the chicken applies a bloom on the shell that protects it from bacteria and my roll-down nest keeps the egg from getting stepped on.

In essence, this gives them a walk-around area that can be poop free—just get then to not poop there as they walk about in their house.

I also painted the new ceiling [viewable on the Chicken WebCam]. The floor side has sand for now. The rain came and I did not get a chance to get a Fiberglass Reinforced Panel [FRP], which is supposed to be better than sand—so says Opa. I hope to replace the sand in the two sleep boxes with FRP and use it at the nesting box threshold. I moved the roost to ensure all their poop is caught in this box and placed the 2x2s [former roosts] beside each other for twice the roost width. I’ll now watch to see if the number of sleepers changes.

Stay tuned… 

Author: jalexartis

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4 thoughts on “Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ Nesting Box—Now Painted, 09/15”

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Indeed, I have. So busy that I have not documented much of what I have done. The chicks seem to like it. Yep, they are spoiled. But, I like the sounds they make and their response to work around the yard. I understand contented chickens are good layers. We shall soon see. It has been quite a journey, with so much more to come. I plan to incorporate some of my graduate level information systems concepts in my egg and garden management. Please stay tuned…

      BTW, do you check the chicks on the webcams. They are quite entertaining. On occasion, you will even see me at work.

      Take care. HUGS!!!



  1. James, I can hardly wait for them to start laying. I think it may put you over the moon. It is so much fun seeing you have so much success with this project. I do peek in once in awhile, but have yet to see you entertaining the ladies. Am very much looking forward to next year when you get the garden under way. Oh, save the egg shells. Tomatoes love eggshells. ♥Michele


    1. Then, would that make me the cow? 🙂

      We are ever closer. I’m now setting up the besting box floor. I’ve got to raise my curtain about 1/4 inch. My alabaster egg does not make it under the curtain [a wood panel]. That won’t be fun.

      I look forward to growing. The compost is coming along well. I’m now on my 54th batch [in the tumbler]. When I remove it, I place in in a 3-bay compost bin I built, where the decomposing continues. I’m very happy with the results. I had planned to place my eggshells in my compost. With that, all plants will benefit. I still have the drip irrigation system to install–probably around February.

      I’m with the chicks frequently–even crawling in the runs to rake them. The chick don’t freak. They just like to scratch my piles. Then, I have to shoo the off or re-rake. Keep checking and you’ll catch me on camera.

      Take care…



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