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Chicken coop3My 2-Bay Roll-Out Nesting Box is hung.

This week I have been working on a different nesting box for the coop. I used the one I built earlier for a “window” fan.It is not supposed to be used outdoors, although it has made it through several heavy rain storms. As I have it installed, it is more protected than it was.

The chicks and I like the unobstructed view we now have of each other. I had to have a nesting solution before I made this change.

I found that solution at BYC Forum in the person of forum member Opa-wan Chickenobi [Sam]. He furnished the plan and I did the building, with some modifications [of course].

Yesterday, I built the box and today, I hung it.

This box uses a slanted flood and gravity to cause a newly laid egg to move to the rear of the box—no soiling and no chicken eaten eggs.

Tomorrow, I plan to paint the exterior [white or green]. I’ll sleep on it and maybe have an answer. I also have some interior work to do, as well.

The inside is painted black because chickens want a dark area to lay their eggs.

My main floor webcam is aimed at the box as I work. The chicks did notice me working [they always do] and some looked at the box as they came in to roost.

I’ll be watching them. October is egg-watch-month.

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