Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ Nesting Box—Nearly complete, 09/20

"Roof" and latch are on.

I placed a little roof on the box yesterday and added a latch. I expect it to remain dry and secure.

Blog ~ 300K Milestone

Early this morning we passed the 300,000 pageview milestone. Thank you, my readers for your continued support and making this blog one of the places you visit during the course of your day. I deeply appreciate having you here. –jim

Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ Nesting Box—Now Painted, 09/15

Chicken coop5Two days ago, I built the box and primed it inside and out with flat black paint. Yesterday, I set the box in the coop [related article]. Continue reading “Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ Nesting Box—Now Painted, 09/15”

Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ New Nesting Box [by Opa]

Chicken coop3 Continue reading “Home ~ Cedar Towers ~ New Nesting Box [by Opa]”

Home WebCams ~ Moved Pop Door WebCam [now NE Corner]

Cedar Towers Pop Door

In the announcement of My Backyard WebCam I said that I may also place the pop door camera at a different location. Continue reading “Home WebCams ~ Moved Pop Door WebCam [now NE Corner]”

Home WebCams ~ Another Location [my backyard]

My Backyard

My WebCam Page currently shows 4 webcams, oriented on my chickens. Continue reading “Home WebCams ~ Another Location [my backyard]”