Home ~ Cedar Towers—My Chicken Coop


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8 thoughts on “Home ~ Cedar Towers—My Chicken Coop”

  1. Still with much to be done…

    Yet, a LOT has been completed by this non-carpenter. The coop basis is the vegetable bins I completed last month, but with 2×6-inch boards on the sides versus cedar and a 3/4″ plywood floor, instead of 2×6’s.

    Those towers were sold as dog houses at Lowes. I modified them to be habitat for chickens. Key to this build is its ventilation and natural lighting [sky & sides. Also, a LOT of hardware cloth for predator protection.

    The two “sticks” on the left-front are “hood” supports. Yes, I open it and climb in to build and will clean it from that opening as well. The top is REALLY heavy now. The first part of the lift is difficult because there is little for me to hold on to.

    The basic structure is 4×8-feet. I hung a two-unit nesting box and a dinner [seen on the north end] to conserve floor space. Calculations say 6-8 chickens can “sleep” here, depending on their size. I’m thinking 6 now, although I want poop and eggs.

    As mentioned earlier, I have 120-volt AC, 12-volt solar DC power, and low-voltage landscape lighting. I have a functioning webcam that’s working very well with my iPhone Foscam Surveillance App–not as well with my blog webcam page. I’m working on it.

    You have not seen it yet, but the interior is unique. I’ll try for pictures tomorrow. Please stay tuned…




  2. I’d like to meeet the person who dreamed and built this one of a kind chicken coup! I see a chicken ramp at the bottom of the photo, or is it something else?

    My only experience with chicken coup is a summer spent near Newark Delaware. How do manage the odor?


    1. I trust we will meet some day. Thanks! I truly enjoy designing and building.

      Yes, there is a ramp at the bottom that goes from to living area to a sand box before they can exit through a pop door to the local chicken run. We will have rain in a few minutes. I want better pictures. I may put up two I took ;last night.

      As to odor, I’ll let you know. My reading is: keep the poop dry [I plan to use river sand inside and in the lower sand box] and remove as needed should do it. I’ll respond as needed once it is populated.

      Thanks for the visit…



  3. That is one *awesome* looking chicken coup! If I was a chicken, and you moved me into a setup like that…I’d think that I was royalty. LOL. Can’t wait to see the rest of your setup! Jim, is there anything that you can’t do? You continue to amaze me. 🙂


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