Home ~ My infamous {wisteria} tubers & my growing areas

Not wanting to malign the Wisteria plant, I’ll just call them tubers of a pesky vine. I’ve removed 2 full yard-waste bins and have another pile on the ground. I’m not to put more than 350 lbs. into the bin. By my estimate, I’ve dug out over 1,000 pounds of these suckers in an effort to control the vines and use the yard for things I want to grow.

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Author: jalexartis

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4 thoughts on “Home ~ My infamous {wisteria} tubers & my growing areas”

  1. Oh my goodness Jim. That’s amazing. I had no idea they could do that. Here where I’m at you pay a hefty price for them then hope to heaven they don’t die during the winter. Too bad you can’t ship that pile to Canada. And what a terrific amount of work. Kudos to your ambitions for a great lawn and garden. I salute your efforts.


    1. Thanks Michele. I just wish I was certain on the plant. I know their vine is devastating to trees and can kill them. I’ll have to take a picture of a neighbor’s tree so you can see what can be done. I’m still removing tubers today. –jim


  2. It’s a pretty invasive plant if you can dig up large clusters like that. That’s a serious workout digging all that out. I found this wiki page which has a good deal of info; also check out this youtube video:

    350 lbs may not be feasible but a small box load is cheaper to ship. To bad the plant doesn’t play well with others. They choke out everything else nearby.


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