Know Egypt ~ Sherif Louis’ Tour ~ President Mubarak Resigns

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Sherif reports that he is now in Cairo [from his facebook page]. Today the world learns that the people forced the Egyptian President out of office. Interesting that all this happened after Sherif began his cycling tour on January 1, 2011. He is now 42 days into that tour. Yes, the events in Egypt have had their effect on his cycling. He enter Cairo Wednesday, 02/09.

He says in his blog:

Even though the trip has no religious or political view; but the recent events are imposing themselves on it, if I wish it or not.

I’ve been on the road for a month now, a lot has happened since day one. I have been far away from all the incidents but in a way or another I was heading back to them or they’d be chasing me. I haven’t written a lot since I started, but there isn’t much to talk about or discuss… most incidents are merely of interest.

This has been quite a long introduction…

I think this is a cycling tour like no other. Sherif Louis is a brave man to have endured what he has and continued to ride. He says he has unforgettable memories of this revolution and those from people he encountered as he closed on Cairo. I wonder what his thoughts are now that the people’s revolution has had its desired effect. He will comment here soon. Thanks my friend and stay safe. –jim

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2 thoughts on “Know Egypt ~ Sherif Louis’ Tour ~ President Mubarak Resigns”

  1. i’m very sorry i didn’t see this earlier Jim. Well it has been strange going through a transitional state of a country! before during and after the revolution. Seeing the effects it left on people, who cares and who doesn’t! the fears people keep putting your heart about road safety and thugs and then you know they are just talking… it is more talk than there is real danger out there. I’ll need to sit with myself after this is over to actually sum it up… how i feel and all. Thanks for your wishes Jim hope you are doing well


    1. I am well and busy with other projects. I am follow your FB Page and am thankful you comment here when you can. I’ll get an update on my blog soon. Be safe and the best. –jim


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