Home ~ My Cathouse

My Cat[trike]house, or at least it was back in the day…

I’d bet this is not exactly what you are expecting. This little structure has had many functions over the years. My aunt used it as a greenhouse. I put in a concrete floor, added water and electricity. My recollection is that I did not use it as a greenhouse, but, rather a place to store business files, floor tiles, tools, and other sorted items. Now comes time for a different use—a cathouse—nothing illicit here.

I truly is a cathouse, as in Catrike. I’m placing 3 of my cycles here. Two are Catikes: Silk—my Catrike 700 and Fargo–my quadricycle [still undergoing mods at Utah Trikes]. My road bike—a Trek Project One shares the space the the cats. Faye—my RANS Citi Crank Forward still has space inside. Last you saw my bike room, it looked looked like this.

That was November 2008.

Since then, I have sold the RANS Stratus XP, The Velokraft VK2, the Trek 5200 and Trek Y22 MTB. I’ve gone from 7 cycles to three and then added the quad. I digress…


Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

One thought on “Home ~ My Cathouse”

  1. The original bike room continues to be used for some aspects of my cycling hobby. I’ve just made room for a pedestal table that will be used for card playing during the Super Bowl Party. The pedestal should arrive Monday, 10/03. –jim


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