Apple TV ~ Early experiences, 11/29

Apple TV 2I have a second generation Apple TV—ATV 2ATV2. So far, it seems to be a practical device and fun to to use when the networking/HomeShare works. AirPlay [the ability to play music [and later videos] is so cool.

That is, I’m able to select ATV2 at a computer with iTunes installed or my iPhone, with the Apple Remote App installed and hear the music from that system. iTunes TV, iTune & Netflix movies, Flickr pictures, YouTube,  and more can be streamed to the Apple TV.

It is functional enough that I hope to add more to my home system. The rub is HomeShare is NOT working on my main computer. I have tried everything I know to do as a computer tech. I am now working with Apple Technical Support to find a solution for this problem. It is one that is well documented as a consumer experience.  I wish it were one I did not have.

I am hopeful.


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7 thoughts on “Apple TV ~ Early experiences, 11/29”

  1. Issues as I have found them in my home setup and presented to Apple.

    Apple Support [elevated],

    I was hoping to receive a return call from my second call yesterday. I really want to resolve this problem. I’m hoping you have seen some of the Internet banter. Anyway, here is feedback from yesterday:

    1. The SHARE Tree shows in iTunes on my second Windows 7 Professional Laptop. I can see the share from my 1st Laptop, also Windows 7 Professional.
    2. The ATV2 icon shows on the lower right of iTunes on LT@2
    3. I can play music for my iTunes Library on LT#2, as well as play music using ATV2. This is also true of the HomeShare from LT#1.
    4. Frequently the music stops. When it does, ATV2 then reverts to the library display.
    5. I see only the HomeShare for LT#2 in the ATV2 Computer Page. I can browse and play music from LT#2.
    6. I NEVER see the HomeShare from LT#1 on the ATV2 Computer Page.
    7. I have NOT seen the HomeShare from LT#2 within iTunes of LT#1.
    8. I have NOT seen the ATV2 icon on the lower right of iTunes.
    9. The iPhone Remote APP only shows the HomeShare from iTunes on LT#2. Otherwise, it seems to work properly, and delightfully, I add.

    Conclusion: Apple TV seems to interface properly between iTunes on my second LT, except for the unexplained stops the occur in music. I have had completes songs play. For reasons, I cannot find, there are problems with the interface with LT#1, albeit, its HomeShare Library has shown in the SHARE Tree of LT#2. It seems to me, I do not have a router problem. I do not think I have an Apple TV2 problem, per se. It seems I have a iTunes problem on LT#1. I did a complete removal [as per these instructions] and reinstall. My Windows 7 Firewall was off. I stopped my Anti-virus Software [NOD32 from Eset]. Both LTs are 64-bit machines.

    Where do we go from here. I want to buy 2 more ATV2, but will not until this one works properly. I am also a blogger and will soon comment again on my ATV2 experiences.

    I hope this information is useful and that I will hear from you again soon.

    Best regards,

    Jim Artis

    I called yesterday [call #3 to this tech] to get an e-mail address to send the text above. I received an apology for the missed call on Sunday. I think I am in good hands. I hope I do not have to go to the extreme of a clean OS install on my main computer. I’ve sent technical reports for engineer analysis. The hope is that they will see the source of the problem. My fingers are crossed.


  2. Hi, Do you use your iPhone as a mobile hotspot? What do you think of it? I just bought a TMobile with wifi hotspot and it’s slower than a dial up connection when used with a laptop.


    1. Hi Ciao,

      I have not used my iPhone as a mobile hotspot. I have not yet had the need. My grandson explored that with the 3GS I gave him. If I do, I’ll let you know. The best. –jim


  3. Received a status update from my Apple support technicial. Engineering finds nothing unusual in the reports rendered from my computer and iTunes. I tried a wireless connection versus a ethernet [LAN] connection–no change.


    1. It is now off to the inevitable and all that entails–a clean OS install and applications setup. I will not use my current SATA HD. I have another one in this computer for backups. I’ll use it and if this step does not work, I can go back to where I was. Plus my data is preserved without a specific backup. By morning, I will know for sure. Stay tuned…


  4. It was my computer all along

    Good Morning Tech’s Name,

    The wireless test was fruitless; however, the clean install fixed the problem [whatever it was]. My first app installed was iTunes. It setup a SHARED tree automatically and added Apple TV without me doing anything. Turning on Home Sharing immediately added my library [empty at the moment] to the Apple TV Computer list. Of course, I see the shared library from LT#2 as a branch of the SHARED tree.

    Thanks for your time and patience. What a shame so many experience problems similar to mine. Maybe Apple should say when all else fails, do a clean install. I’m amazed how automatic the setup is when everything works. THANKS Tech’s Name!!!

    Best regards,

    Jim Artis

    There is a process to find and fix a problem. There may have been a remedy short of a clean install, but the cost of finding it can be tremendous. I worked this over a week and ask for Apple’s help on Sunday. We took prudent steps. In the end, the cure-all worked. Some other issues may have been resolved also. As I complete my setup, I’ll be looking to see what breaks the Home Share. This phase is over. Thanks to Apple and interested readers. –jim


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