Apple TV ~ Early experiences, 11/29

Apple TV 2I have a second generation Apple TV—ATV 2ATV2. So far, it seems to be a practical device and fun to to use when the networking/HomeShare works. AirPlay [the ability to play music [and later videos] is so cool.

That is, I’m able to select ATV2 at a computer with iTunes installed or my iPhone, with the Apple Remote App installed and hear the music from that system. iTunes TV, iTune & Netflix movies, Flickr pictures, YouTube,  and more can be streamed to the Apple TV.

It is functional enough that I hope to add more to my home system. The rub is HomeShare is NOT working on my main computer. I have tried everything I know to do as a computer tech. I am now working with Apple Technical Support to find a solution for this problem. It is one that is well documented as a consumer experience.  I wish it were one I did not have.

I am hopeful.