iPhone + SlingPlayer + SlingBox Pro HD = HDTV on the go

SlingPlayer MobileI can now catch live TV as if I were home on my iPhone 4. For that matter also on my laptop but I have no practical reason to do so because a HDTV is in the same room. SlingPlayer Mobile is an app that allows one to watch and control their home TV and DVR on their iPhone or iPod Touch when connected over 3G or Wi-Fi to a Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD. As apps go, it is expensive, but functional and highly rated, at $29.99. It is working very well for me.

From SlingMedia at Amazon.com:

SlingBox Pro HDTake your entire HD home theater with you wherever you go with the Slingbox® PRO-HD. Connect to multiple A/V devices and tune into your favorite TV shows, sporting events, and special programming in stunning, true-to-life 1080i high definition. The PRO-HD gives you the same features and ease of use as the Slingbox SOLO, plus a high-quality HD viewing experience—anywhere in the world. Easily connect up to three of your home-theater devices to the PRO-HD and take your entire entertainment center with you—on your desktop, Mac, laptop, or mobile phone*.

A ScreenShot from my iPhone: {I have had some really sharp TV programs.}


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