Apple TV ~ Do you have one?

Apple TV
All streaming. No hassle.

Everything you want to watch — movies, TV shows, photos, and more — streams wirelessly to Apple TV. That way you don’t have to worry about managing storage or syncing to your iTunes library. HD movie and TV show rentals play over the Internet to your widescreen TV, while music and photos stream from your computer. Either way, all you have to do is click and play. Since Apple TV features a powerful A4 chip, it streams everything effortlessly, without frozen screens or stutters. Video looks crisp and clear. And just like watching a DVD, you can fast-forward through opening credits, pause for a popcorn break, or replay a hilarious scene until you memorize every line.

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3 thoughts on “Apple TV ~ Do you have one?”

  1. …and then ther is AirPlay

    What Does AirPlay Do?

    At its most simple, AirPlay streams music from one Apple device to another. Extending the potential of its predecessor AirTunes, AirPlay will also stream video, photos, and metadata.

    In short, connect your iPhone to your Apple TV and you can watch movies from your iPhone on your television. Connect your iPad to your stereo and play Pandora on your nice speakers. Load photos from your iPod Touch to an AirPlay-compatible digital photo frame.

    While the types of media you can shoot around will definitely be constricted by Apple’s closed ecosystem, the number of devices that will be able to speak AirPlay’s language are more or less limitless—provided approved manufacturers pay a license fee to Apple.


    1. Thanks for the reply. It is good to know some one who has one. Mine is to arrive tomorrow. My HDMI monitor is also due tomorrow, but has not shipped yet. I may not get to use my Apple TV until next week. I look forward to AirPlay to show my PictureRoll on the monitor via the Apple TV. I appreciate the response. Thanks again. –jim


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