Lighted Helipad by

I think it may be time to revisit this: [introduced on this blog 09/12/2010]. Now on its own.

AR.Drone ~ Lighting is all the rage ~ This from MrSymondavis

MrSymondavis is known as Symon [owner of] to many of us. He has an ideas on Parrot AR.Drone lighting and presents them in this video. Nice job Symon.

Lighting additions [mods] seem to be one of the more popular changes to the AR.Drone. Adding an external camera is also frequently seen.

Of course, Fred and I have our idea also. We will have another video up soon, thanks to Paul Evans. That will be followed by our prototypes. Remember, we want to know your interest in our idea of “Heli” lighting for the drone.

The best to the modelers. The drone is nifty for making it your own.

Tour of Rwanda, 2010 ~ Stages 2 & 3 Kigali-Byumba & Byumba-Kigali


Tour of Rwanda It is 2:00 a.m. CAT. Stage 2 begins in 6.5 hours. Today the riders race 54.2 km to Byumba; stop for 4 hours; and then race 62.5 km back to Kigali. Stage 2 ends about 10:00 a.m. local and Stage 3 about 3:30 p.m. local. This should make for some fast, exciting racing.
TOR Stage2 TOR Stage3

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Tour of Rwanda, 2010 ~ Stage 1 Result

Tour of Rwanda

Janse van Rensburg takes victory in Kigali

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TOR Stage 1 Result

Tour of Rwanda, 2010 ~ Start List as of 11/15/2010

Tour of Rwanda
The tour of Rwanda is underway. Here, we have a list of the riders. I will likely get my TOR news from

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TOR Start List

AR.Drone LED “Heli” Lighting Survey #1

PolldaddyFred [AR.Drone Flyers’ Toppntch] and I want to know the level of interest we currently have in the lighting kit we are having built for the AR.Drone. We have a short survey we want you to take so that we can begin to see how much interest we have. Please go to the Parrot AR.Drone LED “Heli” Lighting Survey, 11/16/2010 [also on the sidebar below the CE Blog Logo]. Thanks! –jim