Tour of Rwanda, 2010 ~ Kigali, Rwanda ~ Location

Tour of Rwanda This tour begins in just hours, with the first race set to commence at 9:00 a.m. CAT. I took screen shoots of my Living Earth HD App, using my iPhone4, of Kigali, Rwanda and my location [Fayetteville, NC] so we see the time difference between the two locations—7 hours.
IMG_0214[1] Rwanda IMG_0215[1]

Central African Time is 7-hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. At Wednesday’s race start time of 9:00 a.m., it will be 2:00 a.m. on the east coast of the USA. Stage one goes for Kigali to Kabarondo and return.

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My Pyracantha ~ Fayetteville, North Carolina

IMG_0211Pyracantha is a genus of thorny evergreen large shrubs in the family Rosaceae, with common names Firethorn or Pyracantha. They are native to an area extending from Southeast Europe east to Southeast Asia, resemble and are related to Cotoneaster, but have serrated leaf margins and numerous thorns (Cotoneaster is thornless). The plants reach up to six meters tall. The seven species have white flowers and either red, orange, or yellow berries (more correctly pomes). The flowers are produced during late spring and early summer; the pomes develop from late summer, and mature in late autumn.

An Autumn Dogwood Study ~ iPhone4 and Pro HDR, Fay., NC

Autumn color on a rainy, overcast day ~ Fayetteville, NC

Apple, November 16, 2010 ~ iTunes ~ The Announcement…

Yesterday, we saw this…

Today the announcements are…

Apple Announcement
  • The Beatles. Now on iTunes.