Cycling Experiences… Blog Goal ~ 300 Average Daily PageViews

300 PVsI set the 300 PageViews Goal [attain & maintain] for year-3 of the blog sometime during last summer where we were then averaging in the 280s. We begin our 3rd year with the 30th of this month. Sometime between yesterday and today the first part of our goal was reached—that of attaining the 300 PVs Mark. Now to maintain [actually raise] that throughout the blog year. We are off to a very good start. Thanks again to our readers!

ACCC Men (144 km) & Women (60 km) Road Race Result

African Continental Champoinships

Men Road Race Result

Women Road Race Result

Mens RR Result
Womens RR Result

ACCC Men (144 km) & Women (60 km) Road Race Start List

African Continental Champoinships

Men Road Race Start List

Women Road Race Start List

Mens RR Start List
Womens RR Start List

Parrot AR.Drone Lighting ~ Matter resolved!!!

Outdoor Hull Nav & Strobe Rev_BWe [Paul—the builder, Fred, and me—Jim] all on the same page. Sometimes communicating via e-mail over thousands of miles and multiple time zones can allow an important matter to be missed. My assumption of no malice is a valid one. Okay, we have the video back.  I said the horse is out of the barn.

Well, that is true and we cannot change that. BTW, that is a legal term. But, guess what, we have more than one horse and others did not get out. That means we have added features for this unique lighting system that we [and we hope you] will clamor over. As I say, please stay tuned…

Parrot AR.Drone Lighting ~ Whassup???

Base Search-Camera Rev_BThe video is now PRIVATE. I wish I knew why and could explain it. I know that over 30 views of “our” horse [the video embedded in my last article] were seen as I went to bed just after midnight EST. Now, the horse cannot be seen. I’m trying to understand the logic of that. Anyway, I expect the matter to be resolved later today. I’m hoping your appetite has been whetted and you are interested in following the development of this project by Fred [AR.Drone Flyer Toppntch] and myself.