Parrot AR.Drone Lighting ~ The horse is out of the barn…

Tonight, I found a YouTube Video that reveals a lighting project that AR.Drone Flyers Member Toppntch [Fred] and I have been working on since October 30, 2010, for the Parrot AR.Drone Quadcopter.

The next step in our development plan was to have been discussions of the kit electrics with the builder; the building of 2 prototypes [one by me and one by Fred]; refinement of the kit; and then, we thought, the marketing and sales of “our” idea for the AR.Drone. After all, when we approached Mr. Evans, he had stopped making the helicopter light kit that caught our attention. We talked him into building an AR.Drone lighting kit for us, with the understanding there is sales potential for this item. I think he gets that.

Anyway, for what it is worth, here are my 3rd set of annotated photographs to show the idea originated with two members of AR.Drone Flyers—Toppntch and me.

I’m going to presume no malice here, just the slippage of information that was to have been private until we had a real model to show  the public. There are many AR.Drone lighting mods. This is unique. Our goal is to make this mod [this kit] as “helicopter-like” as possible. We think, in the end, this is a mod that many will purchase for their little birdie.

My flickr photo set, with my annotated photographs for this project

Parrot AR.Drone Lighting ~ Pictures to present and refine an idea

Base  Rev_B
Outdoor Hull Nav & Strobe Rev_B
Base Search-Camera Rev_B
Indoor Hull Cupula Rev_B Indoor Hull Nav & Strobe Rev_B
My flickr photo set, with my annotated photographs for this project

Lighting details

Twitterfeed ~ Second time around ~ It’s Working

twitter-feedI gave it a go before [08/14/10]. It did not work for me. Given yesterday’s Twitterfeed tweet, I decided to try Twitter-Feed again because the feed I’ve used since August does not feed all of my articles to my  Facebook Blog Page. This time, IT’S WORKING!

AR.Drone ~ DroneControl ~ Interval Photos, step-by-step retrieval

DroneControlBeginning with this version, v1.4, ARTommy added the Interval Photo Feature and added a photo library to manage our (interval) photos. The question is how to get to those photos on you PC or Mac. I gave it my best earlier, but had to ask for help. I used the AR.Drone Flyers Forum. ARTommy was there to help. Thanks Tommy. Given his help, I have written a set of 14 step-by-step instructions. They may be useful to you. –jim


Giving Twitterfeed a try again, 11/13

Autumn gives beautiful colors ~ Fayetteville, North Carolina

IMG_0201 IMG_0199



Fayetteville, North Carolina ~ a bit of autumn Dogwood color