AR.Drone ~ DroneControl 1.4 Update is here…

What’s New in Version 1.4
  • Fixed the rotated image bug
  • Added interval photo feature. You can setup interval time and count
  • Added a simple photo library to manage your (interval) photos
  • Revised “Inflight Settings”
  • Added ability to set the altitude limit to a certain value
  • The crosshair is now able to represent the roll angle of the drone
  • Added a new crosshair style “artificial horizon”
  • You can send navigation data via in app mail
  • The hud can now show the yaw angle
  • You can setup and start L.E.D. animations from within the inflight settings
  • Battery warning has its own sound effect
  • Table design improvements and optimization
  • You can start flight animations from within the inflight settings.