AR.Drone ~ …and then, a heavenly departure…

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AR.Drone ~ An invader on a North Carolina Indian Summer Day???

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Facebook Profile Picture ~ photo by Greg McLean ~ R.I.P.

JimTrysKMXJun29 By Greg McLean

Greg “The Hipster” took this picture at the Trike Only [Optional] Tour of 2008. I placed it as my FB Profile Pic today.

ACCC Team Time Trial men elite & U23 (40km) results are up

African Continental Champoinships

Team Rwanda finishes 9th of 15 teams, with a time of 1 hr. 2 mins.

Time Trial News from NewTimes

A photographic challenge ~ The Fayetteville Market House on Veterans Day ~ Test Shoot, Day2

GOPR2543 GOPR2866
GOPR2539 Well, I have a better Idea of what to expect from my GoPro Hero. The sun’s light is overwhelming for it. Tomorrow, my 35mm DSLR.
GOPR2865 GOPR2864

I was there again this morning, as was Mr. Horne from the Fayetteville Observer and many others. Yesterday’s article.
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