A photographic challenge ~ The Fayetteville Market House on Veterans Day

Johnny Horne 672046Johnny Horne (see the right sidebar), Fayetteville Observer  photo editor and author of Backyard Universe, has many spectacular photographs he as taken on a special event that takes place in Fayetteville, North Carolina twice a year. The first time is November 11th, Veterans Day and the second, January 29th. It is the time when we can stand in the middle of Hay Street at sunrise and see the rising sun perfectly framed in the arches of the historic Market House.

I took some test shots this morning using my GoPro Camera. They are okay, but not like the picture you see from Mr. Horne above. I  was closer than I plan to be on Thursday. I like the way the trees and buildings frame the Market House. I was too close—trying to avoid traffic. I’ll test shoot from further back tomorrow morning.

Mr. Horne was also there this morning and took several beautiful pictures, Please see them in his Backyard Universe Blog. He is the master.

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GOPR2981 GOPR2980
GOPR2960 GOPR2939

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4 thoughts on “A photographic challenge ~ The Fayetteville Market House on Veterans Day”

  1. That is one gorgeous photo. I’ll bet a 5 minute swing either way would really screw with the quality of the image. Of course, better earlier than later…

    – Zeke


    1. Yep, the sun waits for no one–you’d miss the shot. The key is traffic and the other picture takers. Today there were just two of us. I do not know the best location for my GoPro. I know I can be closer than with my 35mm. Even with it, which lens. I think a wide angle. It may take me a few tries. I have one more before Veterans Day and then 01/29. Thanks Zeke.


    1. Hi Ciao,


      GoPro calls it a wide-angle. I think many may call it a fish-eye. Their cameras come with a single fixed lens. Some of the pictures are not as wide as they could be because I cropped them. Tomorrow shots from my 35mm will probably be from my 50mm lens. I hope to get a better capture. If not, I’ll enjoy what I have gotten to this point and will shoot again January 28-30, 2011.



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