2010 African Continental Championships ~ Team TT, 11/10/10


A photographic challenge ~ The Fayetteville Market House on Veterans Day

Johnny Horne 672046Johnny Horne (see the right sidebar), Fayetteville Observer  photo editor and author of Backyard Universe, has many spectacular photographs he as taken on a special event that takes place in Fayetteville, North Carolina twice a year. The first time is November 11th, Veterans Day and the second, January 29th. It is the time when we can stand in the middle of Hay Street at sunrise and see the rising sun perfectly framed in the arches of the historic Market House.

I took some test shots this morning using my GoPro Camera. They are okay, but not like the picture you see from Mr. Horne above. I  was closer than I plan to be on Thursday. I like the way the trees and buildings frame the Market House. I was too close—trying to avoid traffic. I’ll test shoot from further back tomorrow morning.

Mr. Horne was also there this morning and took several beautiful pictures, Please see them in his Backyard Universe Blog. He is the master.

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Just checking camera position

She Did It! ~ Denise Lanier ~ The NYC Marathon, 11/07/2010

Denise Lanier…and maybe you think, well so did many others; but, not like Denise. She completed the 26 miles & 385 yards on an ICE [Inspired Cycle Engineering] recumbent Trike. But, it’s a running event you know. Well, Denise cycled the event. Why you ask? This competitor did so because she lives with Multiple Sclerosis. In her blog on last Wednesday she said: “I’m Gonna Kick The Ass Of MS On Sunday November 7th!” and she did. Read her remarkable and inspiring story here. BTW, Denise is also a member of ‘BentRider Online, where she is know as TXtrike4aCureHere is what she says about BROL. Remarkable in this story is that Denise obtained the race directors’ permission to ride a recumbent trike in the NYC Marathon—a first. BROL Thread after her completion of the NYC Marathon.