A Trip Worthwhile ~ Psychling & Cruzbike

Psychling is the ‘BentRider Online Username of  Dan Fallon from Chicago. Dan just reported back on his 2,ooo mile round-trip journey to Lumberton, North Carolina to test ride Cruzbikes. October 28, 2010, Dan said:

I’ll be spending the weekend of Nov 5th driving to the HQ of Cruzbike in Lumberton, NC, and back (Chicago) to road test the Cruzbike Vendetta (and other Cruzbike models) with Jim and Maria Parker. As this will be a 2,000 mile whirlwind 2.5 days any sane person should ask: “What so special about this bike to cause you to do this?”

The bottom line:
Dr. Jim Parker, Cruzbike Co Founder and CEO, captured some of Psychling’s Cruzbike experiences on video and says:

Dan arrived Friday evening and overcame his beginner wobbles very quickly. He took his first ride on an old beat-up Cruzbike Sofrider, and then (after dark and not videotaped) he rode the Quest 559. The next morning we (Maria, Jim, and Dan) rode about 27 miles on the Silvio (pretty fast, and clipped in). And then tooled around the neighborhood on the Vendetta.


 Dan says:

I’ll be brief: I placed an order for the Cruzbike Vendetta yesterday. And I’m hoping to do the same for the Cruzbike Sofrider soon.

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