Sonny Neumiller ~ update, 11/05

Sonny Neumiller VancouverbyRiverAugust of last year, I did a brief piece on a hand-cyclist [Sonny Neumiller] bound from Yorktown, Virginia to Seattle, Washington to meet up with his daughter for her wedding. I followed that piece with more on September 9, 2009, where we learned he arrived at his destination on his hand cycle and made his daughter’s wedding. We were not quite sure of some of the details between our meeting Sonny and the dipping of his front tire in the Puget Sound. Well, tonight we learned more. Sonny’s son, Nate paid a visit to this blog by virtue of a Google search on their last name. Nate left a comment with us.

I just googled my last name Neumiller and a picture of my dad came up on this site! Cool stuff! My dad was having a lot of connectivity issues with his computer and iPhone which is the reason he wasn’t able to update his blog daily!

My dad updated his blog all the way through his trip.

He made it to Pueblo, CO and my cousin met him there and they drove a truck to the Oregon Coast. My dad was running out of time off of work and had a shoulder bothering him (Go figure that…a shoulder hurting from a guy who peddles his bicycle with his arms! ;) )

My dad is hoping to either complete the entire trip again or he is going to start from Pueblo, CO and ride the part of his trip he had to skip. Either way your encouragement and inspired stories would be much appreciated! He’s still riding 18 miles to work and 18 miles back almost everyday!

Thanks for your interest in my dad’s awesome journey!


Thanks for stopping in and leaving us a note. Your dad is a true inspiration. We look forward to reading more about his cycling, albeit all by hand. The best to you and your family. –jim